• How to choose the finish of your wood furniture ?

    Wooden furniture has been an integral part of most of our homes for many generations. We like solid wood because it is a noble material and also fo...
  • History of the director's chair

    The director's chair is a must for terraces. Although well known since the beginning of cinema, this type of seat has been around for a very long time. Let's discover its evolution together.
  • Summer News

    Azur Confort is pleased to present its new products for the summer season. These newcomers complete our Séol and Néo collections. They have been designed and created to meet simple needs with the aim of optimal satisfaction and to offer you the opportunity to play with your desires.
  • How to recognize quality wooden furniture

    In recent years, wooden furniture is very trendy. The Internet offers the possibility of having a wide choice of different styles, woods and prices.
  • Behind the scenes at Azur Confort Part. 2

    When buying furniture, your support is essential. We need to be by your side all the way. Indeed, this purchase represents an important investment, it is sometimes difficult to take the plunge. This is why you need advice, availability, help and reassurance.

    At Azur Confort, we make it a point of honor to support you from A to Z, from the first contact to the final delivery.

  • Behind the scenes at Azur Confort

    At Azur Confort we make a point of teamwork, to promote collaboration. Our various departments are in constant contact to ensure the know - how of the French manufacture of our furniture. To better understand the workings of a factory such as that of Azur Confort, we take you with us behind the scenes of the design office and the workshop, without whom this adventure would not be possible.
  • Care guide for wooden furniture

    Wood, regardless of the species chosen, is a material which, when placed outside, will undergo a surface modification which will change its appeara...
  • How to choose a sun lounger

    Every year, going out for sunbathing is synonymous with sunny days. For unforgettable moments, we will show you how to choose it according to materials, styles and functions. To get comfortable, outdoor furniture is a must around a swimming pool or in your garden.
  • Choose eco-responsible furniture

    Eco-responsibility is an approach that integrates measures to protect the environment and nature into our daily lives and activities.

    This approach can come from several motivations: protecting the environment and therefore limiting our ecological impact, supporting French craftsmanship… In any case, it is a gesture that future generations will thank. Consuming eco-responsibly allows you to consume less but better!

    In this article, we are going to give you some reflexes to adopt.

  • Create a beach spirit in your garden

    To feel like you're on vacation all year round, there's nothing better than setting up your garden to make you travel. We are going to share some tips for you to feel good in your garden.

    What are the possible arrangements? How to choose the vegetation that will marvelously adorn the place? What colors to create a good harmony? And what decoration?

  • New in 2021

    Today we all have this desire for a return to nature. This is why our new products put the spotlight on outdoor spaces (balconies, terraces). This ...
  • Our tips for decorating your balcony

    When we live in the city, it's hard to get a balcony. When we are lucky enough to have one, we want to take advantage of it, especially with the good weather coming. They make us all want to relax on our balconies, terraces. But we must take into account the space we have.

    Where to put plants? Which furniture to choose? What decoration?
    Discover our tips for furnishing your balcony.