Choose eco-responsible furniture

Eco-responsibility is an approach that integrates measures to protect the environment and nature into our daily lives and activities.

This approach can come from several motivations: protecting the environment and therefore limiting our ecological impact, supporting French craftsmanship… In any case, it is a gesture that future generations will thank. Consuming eco-responsibly allows you to consume less but better!

In this article, we are going to give you some reflexes to adopt.

I- Choice of raw materials

Favor raw materials that are recyclable and little or not transformed: wood is the perfect compromise, for example.

The National Health Safety Agency has identified carcinogenic volatile organic compounds from furniture. Plastic furniture, resin is therefore to be avoided. As well as all products from the petrochemical industry.

Prefer furniture that has recyclable packaging. For our environment, we must reduce our plastic consumption as much as possible.

II- Local manufacturing and short circuit

Choose furniture made near you, in a short circuit. The furniture company works as much as possible with local suppliers. The ideal is that the production is entirely made in France but if this is not the case, then favor European actors. If the piece of furniture is assembled in France but the various parts that make it up are made on the other side of the world, then it is not possible to claim to have an ecological approach.

Working with local partners will also reduce journeys, and therefore the emission of greenhouse gases.

III- A sturdy piece of furniture made to last, recycle by selling your furniture and buy furniture that has already been used

Adopt a piece of furniture that will last you a long time! The goal is not to renew it every year.
This will save money while thinking about our planet. You have to ask yourself if the wear marks will spoil the aesthetics of the furniture or, on the contrary, give it charm. Solid wood makes wear marks look lovely. And if you don't like them, you can always sand it down to make it look like new. Beware of laminate, when left in a damp room it swells and peels off.
You can also choose to sell your slightly worn furniture. Many like the "vintage" style, wood that has already been used. You can then buy other furniture, but this time second-hand, which has already been used. This will allow you to change furniture while remaining in an eco-responsible approach.

IV- Azur Confort's commitment to ecological and design furniture

For several years, Azur Confort has made it a point of honor to do everything possible to improve its ecological impact.
We are proud today to be able to offer products designed and manufactured entirely in France, in our workshop in Chartreuse. Our partners are local, which allows us to reduce delivery times and promote short circuits.

All of our furniture is made of solid wood which ensures a long life. We also offer second-hand, refurbished armchairs. They offer style while keeping their original charm.

When you receive your order, all the packaging is recyclable, so don't hesitate to help us in our selective sorting process.