How to choose a sun lounger

Each year, going out for sunbathing is synonymous with sunny days. For unforgettable moments, we will show you how to choose it according to materials, styles and functions. To get comfortable, outdoor furniture is a must around a swimming pool or in your garden.


Originally, this furniture was more of an indoor lounge chair designed for lying down, usually consisting of a wooden structure with fabric. From the end of the 19th century, it was used as a deckchair, folding chair on ships.

The sun lounger was inspired by this model to make outdoor furniture. The particularity of this object is that it is adjustable at the level of the backrest and sometimes foldable, a legacy of the deckchair.

Why choose a sun lounger

This iconic furniture allows us to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. It will help those around you to relax and have a good time in your garden.

Furniture dresses your exterior, it is part of the decoration. He defines his style. Wood is very suitable for different atmospheres, both for lounge and cozy atmospheres, thanks to its authentic, warm and trendy aspects.

Which sunbed to choose?

Wood is known to be a diffuser of conviviality, it is a natural material. If you want to start an eco-responsible and Made in France approach, let us introduce you to our 2021 novelty: the RIVIERA Sun Bath. It is suitable for everyone with quality materials for unfailing comfort!

With its generous shapes and its soft and wide mattress, you will benefit from a real space for maximum relaxation. Its backrest has three positions, it can also be folded down to obtain a lying version. It is suitable for swimming pool edges but also on sandy beaches. Anchoring in the ground is ensured thanks to its low seat for perfect stability.

Bain de soleil, nouveauté 2021 pour habiller vos jardins, piscines.