How to recognize quality wooden furniture

In recent years, wooden furniture has been very trendy. The Internet offers the possibility of having a wide choice of different styles, woods and prices.

It is very easy to get lost with all this information. We have established three indicators to help you see more clearly and choose quality and durable furniture.

I- The nature of the wood

a- Solid wood

To have durable furniture that improves over time, it is best to choose furniture made of dense wood species that are adapted to the environment. This is why hardwoods are generally used, beech, ash, oak and walnut for the interior and locust and chestnut for the exterior. For a more mountain look, softwoods can be replaced such as spruce indoors and larch outdoors.

Afin de proposer des prix plus attractifs, de nombreux meubles sont fabriqués en dehors de l'Europe avec des bois exotiques. Pour nous, ce modèle ne permet pas de contrôler efficacement l'origine des bois, les conditions de travail et il alourdi le bilan carbone du produit. C'est pourquoi nous avons fait le choix de travailler exclusivement des essences européennes dans notre propre atelier en France.


b- Wood panel

Wood-based panels have become common in furniture, they can often be cheaper, have a different aesthetic and sometimes provide interesting mechanical characteristics. Some also have an interesting carbon footprint because they are partially from recycling or even make it possible to better optimize the quantity of wood extracted from the same tree.
Chipboard with a wood veneer or wood effect decor is often used to give furniture a solid wood look. This reduces the cost but the furniture is also less resistant and less natural looking. Our solid wood look furniture is actually made of solid wood to ensure you have durable furniture.

II- The origin of raw materials

In our current economy, it is important to support our local actors. Choosing furniture made near you, in a short circuit, shows your support and also the quality of your furniture. Indeed, each country has its own legislation, which is why in some cases, the manufacturing techniques are not the same. It is therefore possible that it lasts less time.

The ideal is that the production is entirely made in France but if this is not the case, then favor European actors.
Working with local partners will also reduce journeys and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.


III- The price

Price is an important indicator to consider. Indeed, the more the furniture will be made of solid wood and therefore of quality, the more it will be expensive. Also, it will be much more resistant than wood panel furniture.

The good news even if the price is higher, is that it will be a long-term investment, since it will be more robust, durable. Adopt a piece of furniture that will last you a long time! The goal is not to renew it every year. This will allow you to save money while thinking about our planet.