Create a beach spirit in your garden

To feel like you're on vacation all year round, there's nothing better than setting up your garden to make you travel. We are going to share some tips for you to feel good in your garden.

What are the possible arrangements? How to choose the vegetation that will marvelously adorn the place? What colors to create a good harmony? And what decoration?

I- Foolproof furniture

The first step, in our opinion, is to choose your furniture and the possible layouts, in order to then be able to orient the decoration, the surrounding vegetation. Several solutions are available to you, depending on the style you want to create. First of all, you have the possibility of building a covered terrace, which makes it possible to eat in the shade.

For a more exotic atmosphere, you can install a straw hut, with deckchairs, sunbeds, or even an outdoor bed. The garden furniture, benches and armchairs will be perfect for aperitifs with friends, for convivial and festive moments.

Concerning the equipment that you can put in place, there are also showers, a real plus that gives everyone the possibility of rinsing off after a swim, it is an object that also serves as decoration.


II- A return to nature

Then comes the step of choosing the vegetation. The first thing that comes to mind for all of us is the unmistakable palm tree. It creates a holiday atmosphere and a change of scenery whatever the region. To stay in the exotic atmosphere, there is also the cactus, you can opt for the large version to put it in the spotlight or the small one to serve as decoration. And the last plant that we recommend is the false philodendron, it allows you to hide from prying eyes and reminds us of the jungle, to create a wilder, more unique spirit.

III- Let's put color in our lives

Let's not forget to add color, it is essential to have a holiday atmosphere. You can pass it through accessories or outdoor furniture. The choice of colors is personal, they must be consistent with you to have a good time.

At Azur Confort, we recommend:

- Blue, which is synonymous with escape, and a symbol of loyalty. It is an omnipresent color in our lives, it reassures and makes a connection with the water of the swimming pool, the ocean or the sea.

- White, immaculate and luminous, this shade represents purity, simplicity, but also cleanliness.

IV- A decoration under the sign of comfort

The final touch is the decoration which must be in harmony with the furniture, the vegetation and the colors of the environment. For this, several possibilities are available to you:

- To be able to enjoy the space in the evening, you need lighting. You can put garlands, lanterns, lanterns or even candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

- The buoys for swimming pools are not to be neglected to be able to entertain the children.

- Seashells carefully picked up on the beach are always welcome to escape and bring back good memories.