Care guide for wooden furniture

Wood, regardless of the species chosen, is a material which, when placed outside, will undergo a surface modification which will change its appearance, following the climatic conditions it will face (snow, sun, humidity…)

It is a natural phenomenon that does not alter the characteristics of the wood. To ensure that your outdoor furniture is as well maintained as possible, we advise you to read our guide carefully.

Why maintain your furniture?

Caring for your furniture properly allows you to keep it longer, it saves money and is good news for our environment! Our materials are easy to maintain to make the cleaning process easier for you.

Wood is a raw, recyclable material that requires few transformations. It can be used for interior and exterior design. Considered a noble material, wood embellishes spaces and offers warmth to habitats. It is therefore frequently used and we are the specialists.

How to maintain it?

Clean the Wood

To maintain outdoor furniture, it is essential to dust your furniture with a soft woolen or cotton cloth. Superficial stains, fingerprints, sunscreen will be removed with a sponge and soapy water. Dry your surface with a soft cloth.

Avoid the use of brushes, ammoniated products or bleach, which could damage or scratch the stain carefully deposited by our team. Indeed, it forms a film which insulates the wood from the external environment and therefore improves its longevity.

Clean the Webs

When there is a stain on the canvases, it is best to:

  1. Tap up the spilled liquid;
  2. Clean with soap and water;
  3. Rinse thoroughly;
  4. Air dry.

If it is an oily product, apply an absorbent product such as cornstarch (after step 1).

Additional Tips

We also advise you to:

  • Fold up the table tops if they are equipped with folding legs;
  • Shelter the furniture or cover it;
  • Be sure to remove standing water or snow as soon as the bad weather ends.