History of the director's chair

"It is by seeking the old that one finds the new" - Confucius

A director's chair, also called a director's chair scene, is a type of foldable and removable armchair very well known in the world of cinema. It allows directors as well as the main actors to sit comfortably during a film shoot.

The seats and backs are generally in canvas and on these, the names of people can be displayed. The techniques used to create these writings are sewing, digital printing or screen printing.

It is a foundation that has existed for a very long time and has survived the centuries and the periods to accompany the most important members.

Let's discover together its evolution.

I. From Antiquity to Napoleon's First Empire

Appeared among the Romans, we spoke of a curule seat. It was a folding seat that allowed for easy transport. There was no backrest and his feet were cross. This form of sitting was also very popular during the Renaissance, then the Directory and finally during the First Empire.

It is an armchair that could be carried on trips, wars ... and which allowed a comfortable seat for important and high-placed figures.

II. Popularization in the world of cinema

Inspired by the curule chair, it seems that the first appearance of the "director's chair" as we know it now, would be in 1892. It was then produced by the company American Gold Metal.

It will experience rapid democratization on film and television sets.

Movie fans will all want one at home afterwards.

Evolution of the director's chair

III. Democratization in catering and households

In 1951, the famous café SENEQUIER made a request to a small workshop located in Chartreuse, to create a red terrace with director's chairs, already flagship products of this factory. Following this realization, this armchair will become his “iconic” product. The Azur Confort brand was then created in the 90s.

And 70 years later, the partnership still exists between the two houses.

Red lacquered director

Thanks to the personalization of our armchairs, all this becomes possible!
The demand from restaurateurs has grown in recent years. Everyone wants a terrace in their own image, colorful, which allows them to stand out from their neighbor…

Lacquered director - Colors by Azur

From now on, individuals are also looking for this icon, to dress interiors as well as exteriors. Always in search of well-being at home after having lived through two confinements ...