Behind the scenes at Azur Confort

At Azur Confort, we make it a point of honor to work as a team, to encourage collaboration. Our various departments are in constant contact to ensure the know-how of the French manufacture of our furniture. To better understand the workings of a factory such as that of Azur Confort, we take you with us behind the scenes of the design office and the workshop, without whom this adventure would not be possible.

Work before production

Sandra, our product designer models her ideas, studies trends. She then creates a design keeping in mind the codes of Azur Confort.

Once the design is validated within the team, it is sent to the design office. This one works on the details, in particular on the manufacture and the operation. It takes into account mechanical, environmental and manufacturing constraints.

Many calculations are made to ensure the resistance of the pieces, as well as to determine if the furniture is stable, for example. This makes it possible to have the most successful model possible even before prototyping. This step is very theoretical, which is why he then takes care of making a prototype.

First, there is a prototype to test the ergonomics, then others to validate the assemblies and the manufacturing in the workshop. This step is essential to check that all the furniture works correctly, as well as the aesthetics. Antoine, alternating at the design office, tells us that it is a work of patience since all these stages take several months before seeing the final result. The workshop and the design office are brought to work together for the manufacturing, in order to discuss what it is possible to do to produce the furniture.

It is a constant job to study our products since each aspect of the furniture must be thought out to best satisfy our customers. For example, we are currently testing finishes on our woods. The team put samples of varnished and lacquered wood on the outside to study their aging and thus offer customers ever more durable finishes.

For 70 years, the experience acquired has enabled us to make continuous improvements, in particular thanks to customer feedback. Your opinion matters and is needed!

Operation of the workshop

We work in 2x8 with two teams of 4 people.

Each consists of:

  • A qualified and autonomous team leader in his profession, he interacts directly with the design office for developments in the design of the various furniture and on the specific layout (tailor-made),
  • A versatile operator using the various machines in the workshop as well as the machining center,
  • A varnisher who prepares and applies the products himself,
  • An apprentice on a 2-year work-study contract after obtaining his CAP.

Not to mention the order picker, very versatile within our services. This versatility is quite normal and typical in PME.