Our tips for decorating your balcony

When we live in the city, it's hard to get a balcony. When we are lucky enough to have one, we want to take advantage of it, especially with the good weather coming. They make us all want to relax on our balconies, terraces. But we have to take into account the space we have. Where to put plants? Which furniture to choose? What decoration?
Discover our tips for furnishing your balcony.

I- Flexible furniture

Before buying the furniture, define your desires and needs. Do you like lunches outside? Opt for a table and chairs. Do you prefer a space to read? Then turn to deckchairs, armchairs and footstools.

For small spaces, it is advisable to adopt furniture that can be stored easily. Go to the basics, do not clutter the balcony with imposing furniture. Choose deckchairs, deckchairs, chairs or tables that fold up and store easily.


II- Back to nature

If you don't have a garden or a terrace, you can create a green space on your balcony. Nothing better than going out for a coffee on your balcony, forgetting that you are in town and finding yourself in a real little paradise of greenery, decorated with a few flowering plants. To have a welcoming place, tall plants are perfect, they will draw the eye upwards and break the horizontality of the balcony. In addition, they will be very effective in protecting you from the prying eyes of the neighborhood.

If your balcony is narrow, you can install a green wall which will free up space so that you can still install your outdoor furniture.

III- Accompany your plants with a personalized decoration

To have a warm balcony, it is essential to add decoration. You can put frames, candles, cushions and plaids, which will dress up the space. If your garden furniture is neutral in color, choose a colorful decoration instead. One or two colors may be enough to brighten up your balcony. Otherwise, if your furniture is already colored, stay in the same tones or opt for white or beige instead.

Adding accessories such as a magazine rack can be handy to put your magazines within easy reach.