New in 2021

Today we all have this desire for a return to nature. This is why our new products put the spotlight on outdoor spaces (balconies, terraces).

This year, there are four at Azur Confort:

- The RIVIERA sunlounger,

- The Lounge bench,

- The SOLAISE deckchair,

- The footrest.

We are now proud to offer a complete offer for the terrace, everyone can compose it to their liking.

What are the steps in creating a product? How long does it take between the design and the distribution of this one? To answer these questions, let's look at the case of the RIVIERA sun lounger.

I- The Riviera Sun Lounger

Raphael, the manager of Azur Confort, chose to name our sunlounger "Riviera" because it is an opulent piece, simple but well-crafted, which incorporates the codes of luxury. And of course, it's a nod to the French and Swiss Riviera.

"The main idea was to make a generous model. We have already made the SOLAISE deckchair which allows you to rest while taking up little space. In addition, it is easy to move since it is light, while by being practical to store. With the RIVIERA, we wanted to take a more luxurious approach. This is why we have a wider and longer mattress. The body benefits from a real space in which to evolve. The mattress is also very thick and more flexible than the ones we used until then. The wooden structure is low in order to provide anchoring in the ground and stability under all conditions."

The fabric is available in several colours, the wood can also be lacquered. These customization options allow you to combine your sun lounger with your director's chair.


II- From creation to distribution

On the creation side, there is an AZUR COMFORT aesthetic that can be found in the various director's models created over the past 50 years. Sandra, our product designer, takes these codes and brings them together with more current trends in order to attract customers. According to her, "it's a bit like the mathematics of aesthetics. We take traditional lines, subtract the superfluous and add chic and elegant elements. To achieve a result worthy of Azur Confort, you have to months. First of all there is research with sketches. We discuss around concept drawings, we move the lines, we agree on the main thing. Then we model, we define the elements. The prototype arrives in the middle of development. In reality, there is never only one prototype, it is always a series of tests which gradually allow us to get closer to the final model. And even once released, this is not finished yet. In general, we leave the door open for future improvements. User feedback is important for this."

Concerning the RIVIERA sun lounger, between the first sketch and the model presented for sale, there was a year and a half. Sandra tells us that the members of the team did not work every day on this project to be able to leave room for reflection. Indeed, they need hindsight to judge what they are doing. And the only way to get away from it to have a fresh look is to put some temporal distance.