Chilienne Azur laine Arpin vue de 3/4
Chilienne Azur laine Arpin de face
Chilienne Azur laine Arpin de côté
Détail étiquette Azur / Arpin
Détail chilienne bois robinier et laine Arpin
Chilienne laine Arpin mise en situation
Chilienne Azur laine Arpin Chiné anthracite
Chilienne Azur laine Arpin chiné cendre foncé
Chilienne Azur laine Arpin Uni écru
Chilienne Azur laine Arpin Chiné falaise

CL104 deckchair in robinia 100% ARPIN

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The CL104 deckchair is one of our historic models. Thanks to its natural balancing system, it supports you in your movements and adapts to different body types. It folds up manually and can be stored upright in small spaces.

We have developed a partnership with ARPIN House for this limited edition. Established in Savoie, this French company has specialized in working with wool since 1817.

We chose the Muletière wool to upholster our director's chair. This fabric was originally used to protect mules from cold and humidity when transporting goods. Later, it was used by mountaineers and mountain guides to protect them when traveling through snowy peaks. It is very dense and thick. It is perfect for providing comfort and warmth.

It folds up manually and can be stored upright in small spaces.

Sold without the headrest (accessory).


Very comfortable, it is available in 5 colors. 

It can be combined with our T502 table or our footrest.

Robinia structure, classic finish.
Robinia is a hard wood, very resistant and durable. Rot-proof, it is suitable for marine climates and is perfect for garden furniture. Its qualities are comparable to teak furniture.

Dimensions: L63 - P85 - H105

Delivery time: 8 weeks

Solid wood from sustainably managed forests.

2 years warranty