Our woods

1 - Robinia - a wood for outdoor furniture

The wood is hard, very hard-wearing, and durable. It is also easy to work with. It is suitable for high-quality fiberboard or glued and jointed planks for frames. It is used for posts in mines, vineyards, and orchards. Due to resistance to abrasion and its beautiful color, it is ideal for joinery for indoor flooring and wall panels. Very durable, robinia is also suitable for garden furniture, recreation equipment in forests, and outdoor sports facilities.

Rot-proof, robinia is perfectly suited to marine climates and aquatic environments.

Ses qualités sont comparables au mobilier en teck

2 - Ash - a smooth wood to the touch

Its wood is hard, aesthetic with very visible growth rings and shock resistant. It is heavy (dense) and elastic. Its polishing quality and smooth feel make it ideal for furniture.

A suitable treatment and finish allow it to live outdoors. It is still preferable to protect it from bad weather under cover.

3 - Larch - an alpine wood in essence

It has interesting characteristics from the point of view of its natural durability and its mechanical and physical properties.

It is known to be the cladding of the roofs of our Alpine chalets, but its wood is also very suitable for outdoor furniture.

A preservation treatment will then have to be applied which will protect it and retain all its aesthetic qualities.