Fabric, canvas and colors

    1 - SERGE FERRARI's canvases
    For the SEOL collection, we use the fabrics of the Batyline collection from Serge Ferrari (https://www.sergeferrari.fr/nos-gammes/batyline/). Developed for intensive use, they are designed for extreme outdoor use and are guaranteed for 5 years against deformation, tearing and discoloration under normal conditions of use.
    This range has Origine France Garantie certification.
    2 - DICKSON canvases
    For the ICONIQUE collection, we use fabrics from the Sunbrella collection from Dickson. They are designed for outdoor use thanks to their water repellent and breathable properties. Made in France, they are guaranteed for five years against discoloration caused by sun and moonlight.
    3 - Linen fabrics LATIM
    One of our armchairs from the EDITIONS LIMITÉES collection is equipped with a Linen fabric manufactured by the LATIM company. French family business since 1931, it has a traditional know-how on shuttle looms. The fabric obtained, very dense and very resistant, undergoes a water-repellent and waterproof treatment which allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors.
    4 - ARPIN wool

    Established in Savoy, the ARPIN company has specialized in wool since 1817. We chose their Muletière wool for our LIMITED EDITIONS. This fabric was originally used to protect mules from cold and humidity when transporting goods. It is very dense wool, perfect for outdoor use.